Monday, July 25, 2011

New Graphic Design Works

So I've got some new Graphic Design pieces for all of you folks to enjoy.

One of these were initially intended to be posted a lot sooner, but as per my jinxed lot in life, technology turned against me. Can you believe that my computers RAM decided it would be fun to crap out right in the middle of things. If you know me, then of course you'll believe that!

Thankfully I managed to not only replace it, but double it, which means my computer is now faster, stronger and whatever else they said in the Six Million Dollar Man commercials...

These are all made up projects that I created for myself.


"You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" Stage Poster

"Random Graphic Design Stuff" Book Cover

"Sinclair Coffee" Ad

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lost in Confusion Reboot?

So a few years ago I did my own webcomic called "Lost in Confusion". It was a semi-auto biographical comic, which ran for a couple of years. Unfortunately as a result of the stress and work of grad school, I retired the comic far earlier than I wanted.

Now that I'm out of school, I thought I'd maybe try my hand at rebooting the series. Since so much time has passed, I don't think picking up where the original story would work. I'd rather re-introduce the characters for new fans... also I'm rather embarrassed by my old art work from 4 years ago. :P

I'm still working on overall character designs, but I thought I'd post up some concept sketches I've done for the primary cast. Changes are expected to happen.


P.S.: And because I expect you'd like to laugh at me: He is a couple of those old comics.