Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Business Cards Made

Hurray! I finally got my new Business Cards made! The old ones were extremely dull looking but these have a bit more pop! The new logo, along with three different designs on the back of it. I used images from my previous works which you can look at HERE, HERE and HERE.


Graphic Design Updates

Okay, so I've spent most of today playing around with trying to expand my Graphic Design selection. So I made a few advertisement type things over in the GRAPHIC DESIGN area of AMDIAZART.COM. These's aren't for actual professional jobs, but hey, maybe one day they will be?


Here's one of the things I just put up there:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photography Section! Yay!

So good news: I now have a section for PHOTOGRAPY on the main website AMDIAZART.COM. While I'm not a constant photography buff, I do enjoy taking many a photo for reference pieces or for just for the fun of it. And when the mood arises, I do rather enjoy playing around with my photos and adjusting and manipulating them for the fun of it.

If you wish to see the photos, then please go to the main website. But since I'm nice, I'll give you all a taste here. :)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Batgirl IV Character Design

And since I'm one a role, here's another character design for another DC hero. Stephanie Brown AKA Spoiler AKA the current and 4th Batgirl. She's got one of the more fun comics on the market these days, which is nice to see in a market that is heavy on drama.


Batgirl Color Work

Batgirl Line Work

Red Robin Character Design

FYI: Tim Drake AKA Red Robin AKA the former Robin the Boy Wonder (III) from the DC Comics Batman series, is my favorite comic character EVER. So here's a cartoon style piece I did of him. :)


Red Robin colored work:

Red Robin line work:

Friday, February 4, 2011

DC Meets Dali

Now while I primarily prefer to do pencil and paper art or digital art, I do like to dabble in other mediums when I can. The following painting is one such occasion. I worked on this piece a while back, where I decided to combine Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" (AKA the Melting Clocks Painting) with something a bit more modern. Obviously this concept has been done to death by thousands of artists, but hey, why not join in?

So, I introduce to you "The Persistence of Plastic Man".

Plastic Man for those who are unaware, is a quasi-popular character from DC Comics. A former mob enforcer, he fell into a vat of chemicals that gave him super-stretchy powers and later he joined the Justice League of America. That's honestly, all you need to know about him. :P


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Main Website is Up! Hurray!

Hey gang, so you've have noted a slight lack of art work posted lately. Well, there is a very good reason for it. I've been working for on designing a building my very own website portfolio! And the good news is that its FINISHED!


Now, even though I'll have the new website, that doesn't mean I won't continue my blog. After all, a blog is much faster than updating, coding and formatting the website, and I'm a lazy, lazy man when I'm allowed to be. :P

For those who wish to visit my site, you only need to go to! Its still not 100% finished as I've got a lot of other work I want to put up on it (and here), but its looking rather nice if I say so myself. So please check it out!